Month: July 2023

“Specialized Mortgage Programs in Utah: Finding Lenders That Cater to Your Needs”

First-time homebuyers in Utah may be eligible for mortgage and down payment assistance programs. These options are available through the state housing authority, mortgage lenders in utah. The program aims to help 2,500 first-time homebuyers with $50 million in funds. The program is open to any displaced homemaker, single parent, or military veteran who hasn’t owned…

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What is a Refraction Test?

Refraction exams are a vital part of an eye exam. They can help doctors diagnose diseases and prescribe eyeglasses or contacts. Eye doctors begin a refraction examination by measuring the light's bend as it passes your pupil and lens in each eye. This allows them identify refractive errors like nearsightedness, astigmatism or farsightedness. What is…

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